Why Vertical Advertisements Are Better than Horizontal Advertisements

vertical adv vs horizontal ads


You have probably seen horizontal advertisements on billboards on the the side of a highway and wondered what is the difference between a horizontal advertisement and a vertical advertisement like the ones that HBKN Media offers?

HBKN Media displays are setup in locations what provide high viability to you advertisement and especially located in places with high dwell times (you target customers hang out there from some time).

Overall Vertical Displays Give You:

Better targeting:

Vertical ads are often better suited for targeted advertising, as they provide a more focused and streamlined experience for the viewer, making it easier to connect with the target audience.

Vertical ads also allow you to more easily position text, and images in the same advertisement allowing you not only show off your product but also include information about it making sure your full message is delivered to customers!

Improved engagement:

Vertical ads can be more engaging, as they allow for a more immersive experience.

The layout of a vertical ad allows for more space for content. This means more space for photos, videos, text and even qr codes for your customers to see and engage with!

Better fit for social media:

Vertical ads are versatile! This means that your Instagram stories, social media posts, and TikToks you work hard to produce can easily and automatically be put on an HBKN Media display with no additional effort on your side!

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